Teaches with "Great Skill and Compassion"
-- William Broad, The Science of Yoga


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“Be All You Want To Be At Any Age”, meditation and other heart-centered practices.

We are dedicated to honoring each student as an individual. You can experience everything from a challenging asana class, to restorative yoga, gentle yoga for seniors, special classes for women as well as therapeutic yoga.

In a creative and supportive atmosphere you benefit from classes which give individual attention.

Generation B Yoga

Honors the body and mind’s deep connection to the spirit. Classes are appropriately challenging and rewarding, designed to fit ANY BODY from young adult bodies to mature senior bodies. Generation B respects each student’s ability to grow with ease.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is traditionally defined as union, a yoking together of mind/body/spirit. It can also be seen as uniting the individual with the one universal energy. The practice of specified postures (asanas), conscious breathing, chanting and meditation allows us to discover this union.

Why Practice Yoga?

A regular yoga practice reflects a commitment to your total sense of well-being. Yoga utilizes structural and inner body alignment, balanced physical body strength and flexibility, mental concentration and attentiveness, and a spiritual awareness of being.

Much of the work done in yoga class becomes an integral part of your life. It is carried off the mat and into your day. The peace that comes with the physical and mental challenge of aligning yourself with the postures (asanas) and the sweetness of deep relaxation that comes from yoga is useful in calming moments of stress.

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Featured in the AARP Bulletin:
7 Ways to Ease Into Yoga - An expert's guide on how to get started

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